Project Niantic/Ingress – why is Google commissioning a game?

A few weeks ago Project Niantic surfaced via a few YouTube videos, mostly seeded by Google employees. Soon the web started to speculate what the point of the project was. Last week, the project was unveiled as an Augmented Reality (AR) game called Ingress, that currently only works on Android devices. To support the mystique, […]

Google+. Screaming out for a circle management tool

So, I’m really hooked on Google+. Yeah, I know it doesn’t have the reach of Facebook, or the simplicity of Twitter, but I like the complete package, especially the mobile and tablet apps. However, I really am frustrated with Circles. When the platform launched over a year ago, I dived in and created lots of […]

Foursquare Specials. Better than Groupon.

The AMEX and foursquare partnership has been live in the UK since May, but I’ve already managed to claim a few of these credits from major chains, such as Nando’s, Pizza Express and Tesco. More interestingly, I was visiting our local garden centre (starting to get some Xmas goodies) and noticed the scheme had expended […]

Awards – the alternative to industry best practice

Next month will see the second UK Search Awards, following hot on the heels of the inaugural European Search Awards, held in Amsterdam in May. It’s been great to be involved in both events since I thoroughly believe awards can be one of the more effective ways of helping an industry become more professional. When I […]

Less blogging more “plusing”

It’s been quite a while since I managed to update my blog, mainly because I’m finding most of my comments making their way onto Google+ these days. Because there aren’t the character limits of Twitter, and I have Google+ as one of my start-up tabs in chrome, I find it much simpler to drop a […]

Tomorrow sees the start of the third year of SAScon!

Jesus, time flies in this industry. It only seems like yesterday when I was sat in a pub with some fellow Search Marketers from Manchester, bemoaning our constant trips to digital conferences in London. It lead to the classic question: “How hard would it be to run a large digital conference in Manchester?” Turns out […]

Google helps you learn a language

No sooner do I post about the gamification elements in Duolingo’s new language learning platform, than Google roll out a Chrome extension to help you “immerse” yourself in another language. It’s less of a structured learning tool than Duolingo, but definitely helps you build up your vocabulary, although I personally find it quite challenging jumping when sentences become […]