chromebook apps

A month with a Chromebook

My first week with a chromebook, had generally been a positive experience so how are thing shaping up a full month later? Highlights I’m still loving the lightweight nature of the device coupled with the long battery life. Speed is something that I’m continually impressed by. Whether it’s screen-grabbing and editing an image or editing […]

Manchester Digital Skills

Twitter earnings, digital businesses grow and Manchester’s talent – AWD

It was all about the numbers this week, and there were mixed results from Twitter on Wednesday as they announced their Q4 2015 performance. While revenue was up a healthy 48%, and losses were reduced, There was concern about the stagnating user base, which stalled or reduced, depending on whether you included SMS users. Q1 […]

Twiitter leadership team on earnings call

Twitter earnings call Q4 2015 – increasing revenues from a static user base

I’ve been looking froward to this quarter’s earnings call from Twitter. It’s a real opportunity for them to remind investors what a great platform Twitter can be. I was really tracking 4 things from tonight’s call: So how did they do? Well. revenue hit $710m so that’s slightly over expectation and growth of 48% YoY Monthly Active Users […]

linkedin share price drop

3 reasons why LinkedIn tanked

Yesterday, LinkedIn saw it’s largest drop in share price since it’s IPO in May 2011. So what happened? Let’s park for now the continued threat of a tech bubble ready to burst, and the impact of a Chinese slowdown, and look closer at LinkedIn itself: A poor earnings call – It’s the season for investor […]

new twitter homepage

Earnings round-up, twitter homepage, a looming bubble and prolific north live – AWD

In the last week (and a bit) we’ve had quarterly earnings calls from Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. The results were a mixed bag. Facebook beat market expectations with a hefty 51% rise in revenue YoY, with continued, albeit it slowing, user growth. Mina drivers of this growth appeared to be an 25% increases in average revenue […]

Google passes Apple

Google Q4 2015 Earnings – Mobile and video deliver while “other bets” take away

…ok, so it’s really the Alphabet rather than the Google Earnings Call, and tonight’s really cleared up the financial distinctions between Alphabet’s split between Google and, the rather candidly named, “other bets”. The main headline of the evening was Google’s valuation overtaking that of Apple in after-hours trading (I told you it would happen), as much from […]

Google GLass

iPhone sales falter, Twitter loses Execs, Glass loses its voice, Google prepares for AMP, Northerners won awards – AWD

We’re heading into earnings call season again, an Apple kick started them with a rather lacklustre release including a forecasting for slowing iPhone sales. Unsurprisingly, the share price has started a downwards journey and it’s interesting to note we could soon see Google’s (ok…Alphabet’s) Market Cap exceed Apple’s in the coming weeks. In danger of […]

Twitter 10,000 character limit

Five things twitter should do before extending the character limit

If you believe the hype that twitter is considering a move to a 10,000 character limit, per tweet (why that number?), you might wonder if this is the most important thing they should be considering. I polled some followers on what they’d rather see changed on twitter. Developer, Andy Fairbairn, suggested a better mute function, to […]

Real time ads from Google

Real time ads from Google, ASA hits out at native ads, love for Twitter, and SAScon 2016 – AWD

Yet another busy week in digital and here are the articles that caught my attention. As the battle for “moments” and “micro-moments” continues, Google unveiled its latest ad product innovation in the form of Real Time Ads. Designed to tie ad messages with, events, such as the lucrative Superbowl, the platform will let advertisers push […]

Digital Manchester

Influencing the UK digital strategy, northern fashion e-commerce soars, Google algo update, and more awards – AWD

Time to round up some of the articles from the digital world this week. As the UK continues to be a digital powerhouse, Minister Ed Vaizey is looking for your input (yes you, at the back, picking your nose) on how we supercharge the UK economy with the magic that is “digital!” You can submit […]

European search awards, talking to your Volvo, Yahoo! gets smaller, and flying in drones – another week in digital.

As everybody gets back to work at the festive break there’s plenty to catch-up on and with CES taking place this week there are lots of shiny new digital things. OK, so technically these first two pieces aren’t about marketing, but hell…they interest me and its my blog. Holly crap, somebody has created a prototype […]