Tag Heuer smartwatch, notifications, text message re marketing, and the Northern Digital Awards – AWD

This week in digital saw the launch of the first smartwatch from a luxury swiss watchmaker -Tag Heuer. IMO, it’s certainly the most attractive of all the smartwatches to date, and at $1,500 (just over £1,000) it certainly needs to be. This price also includes some exclusive apps and watch faces, plus some kind of complicated […]

Are mobile notifications just noise?

I was catching-up on copies of Robert Scoble’s weekly newsletter (I’d encourage you to sign-up), and was fascinated by his observations on notifications and how they are becoming more abundant, but not necessarily useful. If anything they’re creating even more noise. According to Jim Borthwick of Betaworks, “Right now we are witnessing another round of […]

Amazon bookshop, Facebook earnings, SAScon BETA and, yup, more adblocking – AWD

A slightly quieter week in the digital marketing world this week (if you exclude all the fuss over Twitter Hearts) but what has been worth reading about? After years of speculation, Amazon finally opened a physical bookstore! It’s fascinating to see how they’re bridging the online and offline experience by including online ratings and prices. I’d […]

Twitter disappoints despite strong financials

Despite beating forecasts and expectations, Twitter again disappointed investors on last night’s earnings call. While Google broadcast its results over YouTube, Twitter used it’s video platform, Periscope, to announce its performance. Unfortunately, the novelty wasn’t enough to excite investors as the company only announced a moderate increase in monthly active users (MAUs) of just 4 […]

Earnings calls, search agreements, polls and an ad-free YouTube – AWD

As we head into the Q3 period for earnings calls, it’s time to see how each of the key digital players is delivering financially. This week saw results from Yahoo and Google (more on those in a moment) while next week we’ll hear from Twitter, and Facebook follows on the 4th November. The Yahoo earnings call was a […]

Google Cardboard goes global, Facebook goes shopping, Twitter’s people, and more adblocking – AWD

It’s Friday again so time for another round-up of the digital headlines that caught my eye this week… Almost in mockery of Facebook’s $2bn acquisition of VR hardware company, Oculus Rift, Google continues to push its low cost competitor, Google Cardboard. At the weekend Google rolled the platform out globally which seems to make the whole […]

US Search Awards, Moments, AMP and Google Shopping – another week in digital (AWD)

Time for another round-up of key happenings in digital marketing this week. Let’s start with the  follow-up to last week’s launch of Customer Match from Google. Larry Kim over at Google has been playing round with the tool and has found match rates to be pretty impressive versus Facebook and Twitter HOLY MOLY! Uploaded 357K […]

Data-driven digital, Google Manchester, some new toys – another week in digital

Well it’s certainly been a bit of a Google-fest this week. Let’s have a little reminder of some of the key happenings in digital marketing over the past few days.. Search + Data – A double whammy at the start of the week, saw Google roll-out Customer Match, a more advertiser friendly versions of Remarketing […]


Stop with all the adblocking articles. This one nails it.

I was planning to write a comprehensive piece on the current furore around adblocking triggered by the recent iOS update, but half way through my research, Randall @ Adage published this wonderful opus that covers just about everything you need to know. Job done. However, one of the points that needs further exploring is how […]

Adblocking, Google+, bourbon and more – another busy week in digital marketing

As we hit the end of another week, here’s some of the articles worth catching-up on. The Adblocking debate continued this week –  with The Verge exploring the commercial threat to Google and Facebook, while AdAge sees it as a catalyst for better mobile experiences. I’ll be writing a more thorough piece on this soon. Google contributes […]

Google Plus logo

The continued erosion of Google+

I’ve been a determined user of Google’s social platform over the years, despite waves of negative opinion about the platform. However, I’ve become frustrated with the continued removal of useful features from the platform and though it would be useful to capture them here. I’m bound to have missed some so please suggest any others in […]