Manchester Digital Start-up Stories

Four Takeaways from Manchester Digital’s start-up stories.

I recently had the pleasure of chairing a panel for Manchester Digital exploring,t the different challenges faced by start-ups in the North West. I was blessed with four great panelists, all at different stages of the start-up life-cycle: Michael Gibson from Miralis – an experienced business professional who has created, grown and sold businesses, and now […]

Well that was a busy week in digital

Catching up on the key digital events from the week? Take a look at these: It can’t have escaped your attention that Apple Pay launched in the UK on Tuesday to multiple nerdgasms, especially given it allows you to pay for you tube journey. However, the platform hasn’t been without its challenges; What if your […]

Google finds its mojo again in Q2 earnings call

After Google’s lacklustre performance in Q1, there were high expectations on the First earnings call for new CFO, Ruth Porat, and the search giant didn’t disappoint. Revenues of £17.7BN in the quarter equated to 11% YoY growth,mostly attributed to an impressive 18% YoY increase in paid clicks. Allegedly mobile and YouTube are delivering good growth, despite average aggregate […]

Why I’m looking forward to judging the US Search Awards again.

As the US Search Awards hits its third year, going from strength to strength, it’s time to wear the judges hat once more. The judging process is a lengthy, involved and pretty time-consuming job, so why am I keen to do it again? I’ve written before about my preference for awards ceremonies over any industry code […]

5 reasons why Google won’t acquire Twitter

Earlier this week I looked at the reasons why Google should buy Twitter, given the recent rumours. Today it’s time to look at the other, and more likely side of the coin. Here’s why Google isn’t going to buy Twitter any time soon. 1. It’s too expensive. Google has never been shy of making acquisitions, even […]

5 Reasons Google should acquire Twitter

There’s been a little buzz recently around the option of Google acquiring Twitter. It’s been rumoured before but would now be the perfect time for a deal. Here’s five reasons it makes sense: Advertisers need some consolidation and a simplified ad platform that combines Twitter and Google properties is a real winner. The new integration agreement looks […]

Collections for Google+ …. it’s not dead yet

Google+ gets a hard time from the online community and, posts of its demise are a regular occurrence with the stats showing it as a social media “ghost town“. Indeed, Google itself has admitted that the platform is being split into Photos and Streams. I’ve personally been a big fan of Google+ and over the years have […]

There’s more to wearables than smart watches

A week on from the launch of the Apple [i]Watch it seems the focus of wearable tech is still very much on the wrist. Having owned a Moto360 for a few months, I’ve probably worn it a dozen times, so it hasn’t really become an essential device for me. Right now, I feel many of these devices […]

Quick takeaways from Google’s Q1 earnings call

Yesterday, Google posted its earnings for the first quarter of 2015.Here are my key takeaways: $1bn negative impact of weak currency 12% YoY growth (versus the same quarter last year) 23% growth on”other revenues” which includes non-search products such as the Google Play store CPCs dropped a substantial 13% YoY, which many commentators have put […]

Why preparing a structure for a roundtable is a waste of time.

Before the SAScon event started last Friday, I had the pleasure of chairing a roundtable with some exceptional individuals from the digital world. You can see a snippet from the session below, and the full version will be published shortly. Give the early start to the event, and the calibre of the people taking part, […]