5 reasons to install Aviate now!

Last week Yahoo! announced their acquisition of Aviate¬†the software company that produces an Android Launcher that is customised to your activities. I’ll be honest; the app was new to me so I quickly downloaded and installed. My expectations we’re too high since my last launcher experience was the extremely drab and (IMHO)¬†pointless Facebook Home, which […]

Evernote continues to digitise paper, with Post-It

I’m a big fan of Evernote. Not used it? Well you need to damn well sign-up now! Earlier in the year I, was tempted into buying the Moleskine/Evernote notebook (with Smart Stickers) as a way of digitising my notes old skool notes. Yes, i was disappointed to learn that it didn’t work with Android initially, […]

My 5 Essential Google+ communities to join

Back in December Google launched communities for Google Plus and I’ve been experimenting with a few of these over time. In my opinion it’s key to add the right amount of communities so that you don’t get swamped with lots of social “noise”. Google has tried to limit this by providing the option to control […]

Foursquare goes infographic crazy with the Time Machine

I’ve been a big fan of 4sq for a while (since 2010 apparently) so the opportunity to illustrate and animate my 2000+ check-ins was immense. Give it a go here. It’s also a great opportunity for some viral marketing from Samsung. Yeah, I guess I probably shouldn’t share this, but if the NSA have it […]