Google Currents now available in the UK

I just logged onto Google Play and saw that Google Currents is now available in the UK. Currents feels like a more consumer friendly version of Google Reader with a more attractive format lending itself more to tablets than smartphones IMHO. I’ve just finished creating my library of publications – a mixture of news, tech […]

Is Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram the end for Flickr?

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram for such a large amount of money suggests the company is of significant strategic importance, but how specifically. Firstly, Facebook is already used by millions to upload photos so Instagram further reinforces this position in a market place already congested with picasa (rapidly becoming Google+), Flickr, picplz and many others. Secondly, […]

Google’s Q4 UK revenues stay above the $1bn dollar mark

Another great set of results were unveiled by Google last night.┬áHere are my quick takeaways on the UK element of that: While this looks like the slowest QoQ growth for over a year it’s likely to have been impacted by USD/GBP exchange rates in the period. Overall search traffic growth is being masked by lower […]

Where is Amazon’s gamification strategy?

Despite the acquisition of troubled Gowalla by Facebook, gamification is alive and well. In fact, Foursquare just announced a tripling of their user base to 15m global users. Now gamification should be much more than location-based tech, but few pioneering online brands seem to have embraced the concept. For me, Amazon is the brand that […]