5 reasons to install Aviate now!

Last week Yahoo! announced their acquisition of Aviate the software company that produces an Android Launcher that is customised to your activities. I’ll be honest; the app was new to me so I quickly downloaded and installed. My expectations we’re too high since my last launcher experience was the extremely drab and (IMHO) pointless Facebook Home, which […]

Project Niantic/Ingress – why is Google commissioning a game?

A few weeks ago Project Niantic surfaced via a few YouTube videos, mostly seeded by Google employees. Soon the web started to speculate what the point of the project was. Last week, the project was unveiled as an Augmented Reality (AR) game called Ingress, that currently only works on Android devices. To support the mystique, […]

Google listens to users – the Google+ Android widget is back!

Following the complaints after Google removed the Android widget in the last Google+ app update, it seems they’ve taken the feedback on board and re-introduced it. This is great news and shows they’re listening to user feedback. TIP – if you moved Google+ to your SD card following the last update, you’ll need to move […]

Google updates Android Google+ app…badly

I’m a big fan of both Google+ and android, but the recent update to the Google+ app has left me, and quite a few other users, disappointed. While the User Interface looks to have been tweaked and improved, and the tool now supports Google Apps users,  the home page widget has been removed. Surely this is an oversight? […]

Films now available to rent in the Android Market

Hot on the heels of books becoming available in the Android Market, an update has just made film rentals available too. Rental is quite straight forward if you have a Google Checkout account and enough storage space on your phone. Surely it can’t be long before Google Music is rolled out in the UK too? cheap […]

Google takes on Amazon as “Books” role out to Android Market in UK

So this morning I received a system update for Android Market that basically added books for download. The service was made available in the US back in February so i’m not sure why we’ve waited so long for it to land over here. It’s a bit late for me to use the service since I’m locked in […]

Samsung Unpacked App – a cool way to support a product launch

With the launch of the next Google Nexus phone imminent, there’s certainly a lot of buzz around the phone (or is it tablet? or both?) What better way to get people even more excited than to provide an app to support the event? The execution is pretty simple since the app features: the proposed schedule […]

New Android Market gives more choices

This week saw another update to the Android Market, Google’s mobile app store. The market has always been fairly clunky and the new interface is a welcome change. Interestingly, the store has a little hint of Windows Phone 7 about it with the square block design. Aside from the cosmetics, the new store has some better options […]

Move over mobile, here comes Google TV

At Latitude we’ve been talking regularly about the stellar growth of mobile search and the opportunities it provides for advertisers. But it’s evident that Google is looking beyond the growth of mobile to the next big growth market – IPTV. Firstly, there’s lots of talk about Google’s acquisition of Motorola being mainly about patents, but […]