A bad week for AOL,Yahoo! and Groupon

There were some seismic shifts in the digital world this week that will probably mean the digital landscape will look dramatically different in the coming year. With potty-mouthed Carol Bartz being fired from Yahoo, the rumours have started to surface about an impending sale, or possibly even a merger with AOL. What good could possibly come from that? AOL is already having […]

Bing Voice search comes to Kinect

Just as we’re getting to grips with the challenges and opportunities within mobile search, it looks like we have more channels to contend with. With Google TV already live in the US, and guides to optimising your site for TV already exist; truly cross-channel digital campaigns are on their way. With Bing Voice search Microsoft […]

Google – stop confusing your users!

It’s been an interesting day for the Google homepage after they attempted to replicate Bing’s impactful photo homepages. However, after trying to force this new style on users, they appear to have reverted by the the “classic” look. Danny’s great article highlights how users got confused about the new interface. It’s clear to see why; […]