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Earnings round-up, twitter homepage, a looming bubble and prolific north live – AWD

In the last week (and a bit) we’ve had quarterly earnings calls from Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. The results were a mixed bag. Facebook beat market expectations with a hefty 51% rise in revenue YoY, with continued, albeit it slowing, user growth. Mina drivers of this growth appeared to be an 25% increases in average revenue […]

Tag Heuer smartwatch, notifications, text message re marketing, and the Northern Digital Awards – AWD

This week in digital saw the launch of the first smartwatch from a luxury swiss watchmaker -Tag Heuer. IMO, it’s certainly the most attractive of all the smartwatches to date, and at $1,500 (just over £1,000) it certainly needs to be. This price also includes some exclusive apps and watch faces, plus some kind of complicated […]

Are mobile notifications just noise?

I was catching-up on copies of Robert Scoble’s weekly newsletter (I’d encourage you to sign-up), and was fascinated by his observations on notifications and how they are becoming more abundant, but not necessarily useful. If anything they’re creating even more noise. According to Jim Borthwick of Betaworks, “Right now we are witnessing another round of […]

Amazon bookshop, Facebook earnings, SAScon BETA and, yup, more adblocking – AWD

A slightly quieter week in the digital marketing world this week (if you exclude all the fuss over Twitter Hearts) but what has been worth reading about? After years of speculation, Amazon finally opened a physical bookstore! It’s fascinating to see how they’re bridging the online and offline experience by including online ratings and prices. I’d […]

Earnings calls, search agreements, polls and an ad-free YouTube – AWD

As we head into the Q3 period for earnings calls, it’s time to see how each of the key digital players is delivering financially. This week saw results from Yahoo and Google (more on those in a moment) while next week we’ll hear from Twitter, and Facebook follows on the 4th November. The Yahoo earnings call was a […]

Google Cardboard goes global, Facebook goes shopping, Twitter’s people, and more adblocking – AWD

It’s Friday again so time for another round-up of the digital headlines that caught my eye this week… Almost in mockery of Facebook’s $2bn acquisition of VR hardware company, Oculus Rift, Google continues to push its low cost competitor, Google Cardboard. At the weekend Google rolled the platform out globally which seems to make the whole […]

Is Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram the end for Flickr?

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram for such a large amount of money suggests the company is of significant strategic importance, but how specifically. Firstly, Facebook is already used by millions to upload photos so Instagram further reinforces this position in a market place already congested with picasa (rapidly becoming Google+), Flickr, picplz and many others. Secondly, […]

Google+ gets a little more like Facebook, thanks to Cadbury’s

Today, Cadbury’s launched a rather Facebook-esque campaign on Google+, clearly aimed at garnering advocated and increases shares of their business page. This is the first time I’ve seen something specifically tempting the Google+ audience and reminded me of the emotion-inspiring posts, regularly placed on the Walt Disney page. While the tens of comments posted on the Google+ page hardly compares […]