Google comparison ads

Google drops ads, Scoble to speak at SAScon, Yahoo starts sale process, AMP arrives and Foursquare gets smart – AWD

Ok, so Google hasn’t dropped all its ads but it is dropping text ads from the right-handed side of the SERPs and they are killing off comparison ads. The company is clearly making too much money and need to slow down the revenues 😉 In all serious this appears to be a fairly dramatic move, […]

Digital Manchester

Influencing the UK digital strategy, northern fashion e-commerce soars, Google algo update, and more awards – AWD

Time to round up some of the articles from the digital world this week. As the UK continues to be a digital powerhouse, Minister Ed Vaizey is looking for your input (yes you, at the back, picking your nose) on how we supercharge the UK economy with the magic that is “digital!” You can submit […]

Foursquare goes infographic crazy with the Time Machine

I’ve been a big fan of 4sq for a while (since 2010 apparently) so the opportunity to illustrate and animate my 2000+ check-ins was immense. Give it a go here. It’s also a great opportunity for some viral marketing from Samsung. Yeah, I guess I probably shouldn’t share this, but if the NSA have it […]

Foursquare Specials. Better than Groupon.

The AMEX and foursquare partnership has been live in the UK since May, but I’ve already managed to claim a few of these credits from major chains, such as Nando’s, Pizza Express and Tesco. More interestingly, I was visiting our local garden centre (starting to get some Xmas goodies) and noticed the scheme had expended […]

Android version of @foursquare’s “photos + comments” build is being tested in the wild.

BTW, proof that the Android version of @foursquare’s "photos + comments" build is being tested out in the wild. Originally uploaded by dpstyles™ Looking forward to this update. Hope it doesn’t slow the app down too much with bloated code. 4sq is already starting top run slower than SCVNGR for me.  cheap air max