OnLive to launch this week – gaming without the console.

This week will see the UK launch of OnLive, the console-free gaming service. The service will be a real test of the UK internet infrastructure since online gaming is pretty bandwidth hungry, but I’m keen to give it a try so have already signed up. The service will be launched on a subscription basis but surely it makes […]

Flora sponsoring Kinect Adventures

In January I wrote about Samsung sponsoring the Kinect Sports add-on pack. Now it seems another big UK brand is experimenting with the family gaming experience. Flora has created a competition to run in tandem with Kinect Adventures. There is no additional gaming content just a few themes and pics that you need to download to enter […]

What next for In Game Advertising?

With rumours abound that Microsoft if to  close its in-game advertising  company, Massive, you have to wonder where it all went wrong for in-game advertising. As a keen gamer, I’ve always been aware of the captive audience that exists hooked up to Xbox LIVE or the Playstation Network, yet actually disappointed by the lack of […]

Games Publishers to move to subscription model for online gaming?

The likelihood that Activision will launch a premium subscription for online multiplayer soon makes no sense to me. Given players on Xbox already commit to an online subscription through either Xbox live , surely additional charges will lose fans? Surely it would make more sense to pursue an ad-funded model? While in-game advertising would struggle find suitable […]