Android version of @foursquare’s “photos + comments” build is being tested in the wild.

BTW, proof that the Android version of @foursquare’s "photos + comments" build is being tested out in the wild. Originally uploaded by dpstyles™ Looking forward to this update. Hope it doesn’t slow the app down too much with bloated code. 4sq is already starting top run slower than SCVNGR for me.  cheap air max

“Trending Now” limited to just two venues

Further to my earlier post on how many visits it takes to trend on Foursquare, we’ve conducted another test to see if that 5 people limit changes when there are more popular venues around. Sure enough, our London office couldn’t displace the popularity of the Apple Store (the iPhone4 had just gone on sale) and Waterloo train station. […]

Are you hooked on FourSquare yet?

As with twitter, I was pretty cynical about FourSquare as a social media tool, let alone a viable marketing one. Based on news from SMX Advanced in Seattle, it seems many businesses think the same. As a user I’m now pretty hooked already, habitually checking into every location I visit, while getting (overly) excited when I find a venue […]