Google helps you learn a language

No sooner do I post about the gamification elements in Duolingo’s new language learning platform, than Google roll out a Chrome extension to help you “immerse” yourself in another language. It’s less of a structured learning tool than Duolingo, but definitely helps you build up your vocabulary, although I personally find it quite challenging jumping when sentences become […]

Google’s Q4 UK revenues stay above the $1bn dollar mark

Another great set of results were unveiled by Google last night. Here are my quick takeaways on the UK element of that: While this looks like the slowest QoQ growth for over a year it’s likely to have been impacted by USD/GBP exchange rates in the period. Overall search traffic growth is being masked by lower […]

Google+ gets a little more like Facebook, thanks to Cadbury’s

Today, Cadbury’s launched a rather Facebook-esque campaign on Google+, clearly aimed at garnering advocated and increases shares of their business page. This is the first time I’ve seen something specifically tempting the Google+ audience and reminded me of the emotion-inspiring posts, regularly placed on the Walt Disney page. While the tens of comments posted on the Google+ page hardly compares […]

Google Wallet in the UK?

There is still no confirmed launch date for Google Wallet in the UK, but the recent blending of Google Checkout into Google Wallet is a welcome move to simplify Google’s transaction platform. What’s even more significant is the potential to better track the value of your customers as they purchase both on- and off-line. Think of all the […]

Will The Muppets be the catalyst for Google+ growth?

 This week saw the launch of Pages for Google+, which has been well covered in the industry, and has resulted in a race by companies to set out there, pretty basic, stall on the platform. What really intrigues me was not just the buzz around companies, such as Intel and Pepsi,  adopting the platform, but celebrities such as […]

Google listens to users – the Google+ Android widget is back!

Following the complaints after Google removed the Android widget in the last Google+ app update, it seems they’ve taken the feedback on board and re-introduced it. This is great news and shows they’re listening to user feedback. TIP – if you moved Google+ to your SD card following the last update, you’ll need to move […]