Data-driven digital, Google Manchester, some new toys – another week in digital

Well it’s certainly been a bit of a Google-fest this week. Let’s have a little reminder of some of the key happenings in digital marketing over the past few days.. Search + Data – A double whammy at the start of the week, saw Google roll-out Customer Match, a more advertiser friendly versions of Remarketing […]

Tomorrow sees the start of the third year of SAScon!

Jesus, time flies in this industry. It only seems like yesterday when I was sat in a pub with some fellow Search Marketers from Manchester, bemoaning our constant trips to digital conferences in London. It lead to the classic question: “How hard would it be to run a large digital conference in Manchester?” Turns out […]

An afternoon of search in Manchester – SAScon mini conference

It was a pleasure to moderate at the SAScon mini conference yesterday and I’m amazed at the attendance we got for an afternoon event. It gives us a good indication that next years full conference should be the biggest yet! You can find a great round-up of the conference over hereĀ and kudos to James Lowery […]