Xbox Live announced for Windows 8 – a gamechanger for IGA?

Microsoft has now confirmed that Xbox live will be available on Windows 8. While details are sparce the idea if that games can be played across multiple devices, such as Xbox, PC and eventually mobiles. Microsoft has made advances in this area before with Games for Windows, where titles such as Bulletstorm could be played multiplayer across device, although the […]

Is the Kinect a serious platform for online marketers?

Following a hugely successful launch (defined as the fastest selling consumer device) last November, The Kinect is already starting to be considered as a new marketing channel, before it’s even a year old. I’ve mentioned before about advertisers such as Samsung and Flora experimenting with sponsorship on Kinect games, but Microsoft have now unveiled an entirely new and interactive ad platform – NUads […]

Flora sponsoring Kinect Adventures

In January I wrote about Samsung sponsoring the Kinect Sports add-on pack. Now it seems another big UK brand is experimenting with the family gaming experience. Flora has created a competition to run in tandem with Kinect Adventures. There is no additional gaming content just a few themes and pics that you need to download to enter […]

Windows Phone 7 – Are Microsoft finally back in the game?

I gave up waiting for the new Windows Mobile operating system back in January after using windows mobile phones for years. Having turned down the standard issue Iphone from work I bought myself the Nexus One. Ironically one of my big concerns about moving away from Windows Mobile, was that the Iphone, at the time, […]