Google Wallet in the UK?

There is still no confirmed launch date for Google Wallet in the UK, but the recent blending of Google Checkout into Google Wallet is a welcome move to simplify Google’s transaction platform. What’s even more significant is the potential to better track the value of your customers as they purchase both on- and off-line. Think of all the […]

Samsung Unpacked App – a cool way to support a product launch

With the launch of the next Google Nexus phone imminent, there’s certainly a lot of buzz around the phone (or is it tablet? or both?) What better way to get people even more excited than to provide an app to support the event? The execution is pretty simple since the app features: the proposed schedule […]

What is 3G coverage “really” like in the UK?

We’ve all experienced signal drops in areas that our networks claim have higher coverage, so it was interesting to hear, Radio 4’s Today programme, about a project to investigate this. Providing you have an Android phone (apparently it’s harder to make a iPhone app run in the background) you can download the app from the android market, and help […]

Did Google just go into overdrive?

I’ve been locked away in a productive internal training session for most of the day so I’m only just catching up on a load of emails, posts and tweets. What the hell happened with Google? They just launched three very interesting pieces of tech, and at least one of them could be revolutionary. 1. Yeah […]