Connecting to Orange with the Nexus One

So my company just moved from O2 to Orange. While the transition was mainly smooth for everyone getting an iPhone 4, I had a few challenges with my Nexus One. For 5 days I seemed unable to establish a data connection with the network and Orange sent out a couple of replacement SIMs to try and replace the […]

Nexus One Docking Station – it’s, erm, minimalist

It’s arrived! But there isn’t really a lot to say about it…it’s a small nicely formed, well balanced docking station. When you put the phone on the docking station, well, it charges. When you take the phone away from the docking station in stops charging. Might as well have just plugged the power cable in. […]

Nexus One Dock now available

Announced via twitter tonight is the Google Nexus desktop docking station. It looks to be positioned as a hybrid dock/alarmclock/photoframe/speaker system. They had an initial glitch whereby the product wasn’t available to order straightaway, but you can now purchase one here. I have; it’ll be here soon. Watch out for a review. Blogged with the […]

Nexus One Review (Part 1) – The Productivity Killer?

Just over  year ago, everyone at my company who had a company mobile was moved from the windows smartphones to the Apple iPhone. They all had an option, and they all took the iphone…except one person. Me. Don’t get we wrong, I think the iPhone is a great device (I bought my wife one!) but […]