Speaking event – Search with a digital heartbeat

Following last week’s SAScon event in Manchester, I’m back in town this Thursday for the DMA’s  Marketing with a Digital Heartbeat event. I’m looking forward to presenting alongside the team from 2Ergo and Paul Kennedy from CallCredit and hope to give the crowd a view of how fast things are still moving in the world of search […]

Speaking at Ad:tech London

Ok so we’re heading into events season again. This week I’m at Ad:tech speaking on the expo floor at 1.10pm with Rishi from Haven about their successful SEO strategy – http://www.ad-tech.com/london/session_detail.asp?session=52&refad=1 Then tomorrow it’s into the conference at 3.30pm covering Search and it’s potential for branding – http://www.ad-tech.com/london/session_detail.asp?session=135&refad=1&conf=1 I’ll also be at SMX London i […]

A spot of speaking….. This week will see me in Dubai mid-week, delivering war and peace on search engine marketing, before heading back to London for SMX and the “What’s New in Search Advertising?” Panel. I’ll be joined by Alexis from MIVA, Richard Firminger from Yahoo and the infamous Mel Carson from Microsoft. All lovingly […]