Xbox Live announced for Windows 8 – a gamechanger for IGA?

Microsoft has now confirmed that Xbox live will be available on Windows 8. While details are sparce the idea if that games can be played across multiple devices, such as Xbox, PC and eventually mobiles. Microsoft has made advances in this area before with Games for Windows, where titles such as Bulletstorm could be played multiplayer across device, although the […]

Is the Kinect a serious platform for online marketers?

Following a hugely successful launch (defined as the fastest selling consumer device) last November, The Kinect is already starting to be considered as a new marketing channel, before it’s even a year old. I’ve mentioned before about advertisers such as Samsung and Flora experimenting with sponsorship on Kinect games, but Microsoft have now unveiled an entirely new and interactive ad platform – NUads […]

Bing Voice search comes to Kinect

Just as we’re getting to grips with the challenges and opportunities within mobile search, it looks like we have more channels to contend with. With Google TV already live in the US, and guides to optimising your site for TV already exist; truly cross-channel digital campaigns are on their way. With Bing Voice search Microsoft […]

Games Publishers to move to subscription model for online gaming?

The likelihood that Activision will launch a premium subscription for online multiplayer soon makes no sense to me. Given players on Xbox already commit to an online subscription through either Xbox live , surely additional charges will lose fans? Surely it would make more sense to pursue an ad-funded model? While in-game advertising would struggle find suitable […]