Google comparison ads

Google drops ads, Scoble to speak at SAScon, Yahoo starts sale process, AMP arrives and Foursquare gets smart – AWD

Ok, so Google hasn’t dropped all its ads but it is dropping text ads from the right-handed side of the SERPs and they are killing off comparison ads. The company is clearly making too much money and need to slow down the revenues ūüėČ In all serious this appears to be a fairly dramatic move, […]

European search awards, talking to your Volvo, Yahoo! gets smaller, and flying in drones – another week in digital.

As everybody gets back to work at the festive break there’s plenty to catch-up on and with CES taking place this week there are lots of shiny new digital things. OK, so technically these first two pieces aren’t about marketing, but hell…they interest me and its my blog. Holly crap, somebody has created a prototype […]

Earnings calls, search agreements, polls and an ad-free YouTube – AWD

As we head¬†into the¬†Q3 period for earnings calls, it’s time to see how each of the key digital players is delivering financially. This week saw results from Yahoo and Google (more on those in a moment) while next week we’ll hear from Twitter, and¬†Facebook follows on the 4th November. The Yahoo earnings call was a […]

5 reasons to install Aviate now!

Last week Yahoo! announced their acquisition of Aviate¬†the software company that produces an Android Launcher that is customised to your activities. I’ll be honest; the app was new to me so I quickly downloaded and installed. My expectations we’re too high since my last launcher experience was the extremely drab and (IMHO)¬†pointless Facebook Home, which […]

Delicious finally gets some love

Most users were surprised when Yahoo announced the potential closure of the Delicious bookmarking service. Fortunately, the news was swiftly followed by the announcement that the service had been acquired by AVOS, a company created by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. In the last week the service finally transitioned away from […]

A bad week for AOL,Yahoo! and Groupon

There were some seismic shifts in the digital world this week that will probably mean the digital landscape will look¬†dramatically¬†different in the coming year. With potty-mouthed Carol Bartz being fired from Yahoo, the rumours have started to¬†surface¬†about¬†an impending sale, or possibly even a merger with AOL. What good could possibly come from that? AOL is¬†already¬†having […]

Yahoo goes for the hattrick and closes Geocities

Following the closure of the MyWeb and Yahoo Briefcase services, Geocities has become the third victim of the extensive cost cuts taking place at Yahoo! The Revolution article references the closure of 360 and Mash, but since these were only in BETA they shouldn’t have affected as many Yahoo! customers. It looks to me like […]