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Channel marketing – friend or foe?

I had the pleasure of catching up with Channel Marketing expert, Stewart Townsend, last week and thought I’d share some of my/our takeaways.   But why was I even discussing channel marketing?   Back in my Latitude days, we created a search product for SMEs that was white-labelled for partners with access to a large […]

Do you really need an office?

While not as popular as my “greener grass” post, this month’s pondering about the need for an office drew a fair amount of commentary. We’ve seen headlines like the following in the US: After Growing to 50 People, We’re Ditching the Office Completely: Here’s Why …and great podcast like this one: Is the […]

What I’ve been reading this month – #WorldBookDay

Since it’s World Book Day I thought I’d share some of the business literature I’ve been reading over the past week weeks. Ok…one or two might have been audiobooks, but that still counts, right? You’ll notice a theme around leadership and company culture in these books since it’s a topic very close to my heart. […]

Google Cardboard goes global, Facebook goes shopping, Twitter’s people, and more adblocking – AWD

It’s Friday again so time for another round-up of the digital headlines that caught my eye this week… Almost in mockery of Facebook’s $2bn acquisition of VR hardware company, Oculus Rift, Google continues to push its low cost competitor, Google Cardboard. At the weekend Google rolled the platform out globally which seems to make the whole […]

US Search Awards, Moments, AMP and Google Shopping – another week in digital (AWD)

Time for another round-up of key happenings in digital marketing this week. Let’s start with the  follow-up to last week’s launch of Customer Match from Google. Larry Kim over at Google has been playing round with the tool and has found match rates to be pretty impressive versus Facebook and Twitter HOLY MOLY! Uploaded 357K […]

Data-driven digital, Google Manchester, some new toys – another week in digital

Well it’s certainly been a bit of a Google-fest this week. Let’s have a little reminder of some of the key happenings in digital marketing over the past few days.. Search + Data – A double whammy at the start of the week, saw Google roll-out Customer Match, a more advertiser friendly versions of Remarketing […]


Stop with all the adblocking articles. This one nails it.

I was planning to write a comprehensive piece on the current furore around adblocking triggered by the recent iOS update, but half way through my research, Randall @ Adage published this wonderful opus that covers just about everything you need to know. Job done. However, one of the points that needs further exploring is how […]