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  1. TV Guide’s tireless Michael Ausiello reports that Eric Balfour will return to his pre-Chloe season-one role of computer geek Milo Pressman on “24” – reminding us all of those early days of Nina Myers, Jamey Farrell, Alan York and a bat-wielding senator David Palmer.
    Chloe’s foreigner ex-husband will return from last season, according to Ausiello, who also says “Deep Space Nine’s” Alexander Siddig will play a bad guy.
    The current print edition of TV Guide, meanwhile, offers some plot points. Producer-director John Cassar tells the magazine the season begins in the aftermath of a successful terrorist act that will likely remind viewers of the early hours of Sept. 11, 2001. Jack Bauer, apparently, couldn’t prevent the attack because he’s a been a mess, having undergone two months of torture at the hands of the Chinese.
    If Jack was in Chinese hands only two months, this suggests he’s probably been back in the states for quite a while as season six begins. For those who haven’t heard, the White House of season six is in the hands of the Democrats, with David Palmer’s brother Wayne the commander-in-chief.
    Fox begins broadcasting new episodes of “24” in early January.

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