I’ve always been a bit worried about clicks coming from ads generated from “adsense for search” boxes like the on below:


Given the title, you would expect that any clicks generated from sponsored links on these searches would be charged in the “content network”. But that is not the case. These ads are for the core Google network which feels poor quality and can therefore be gamed (if you search in the box above and click on one of the sponsored links, you will make me money!)

Not good. This can go partly towards explaining why conversion rates on pure Google Sponsored links are still far lower than pure Microsoft Live Search sponsored results.
Domain parked results also reduce the quality on Google sponsored results.

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  1. Isnt it inevitable that Google is going to start to expand the distribution of its GSL feed? Its got more advertisers/better bids. Like every other search company they want to keep breaking their Quarterly numbers? How much of “Search” is driven by advertiser conversions Vs Wall Street Analysts expectations?

    Is it me or co-incidence that no significant Google insider has dropped stock since Jun 06? http://finance.yahoo.com/q/it?s=GOOG

    What are they planning that makes them think $500 a share is not enough??

    http://www.adjug.com – oh yeah… its coming.

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