Earth 2.0?

Is it simply the case that we’ve run out of room on the planet we already have, or is it just not satisfactory for us? Is the virtual world now more exciting?

whatever the reason there now exist an abundance of alternative planet Earths out there, rapidly become more lifelike through 3D design.

Microsoft recently started adding 3D buildings to its originally 2D mapping service at, so it can’t be long before the same appears on Google Earth after the company acquired Sketch-it and providers Google Earth lovers with the tools to create their own 3D constructions.

However, this is nothing compared to the rapidly expanding worlds of Second Life where a number of companies are buying virtual real estate to house their virtual offices.

Going another step further Microsoft’s next foray into mapping is Street Level views of cities where additional commercial opportunity lies by overlaying virtual shopfronts in place of the actual shopfronts that exist on the “real” high street.

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