Using mobile search to get you out of a tornado struck city.

No this isn’t Asia or the US, this is London! Today’s freak tornado ruined my usually smooth train journey from our London office up to home in Manchester. The Tornado caused damage to power lines north of Milton Keynes so there were to be no trains north from Euston until the following day … and there was no guarantee of that either.

So without further a do I got out my Imate JasJAr (yup, I’m a gadget boy) and proceed onto but it didn’t help much.

I then discovered the mobile version of …but with equal dissapointment.

These services are great when you know where you are going but for me it was easier to ring the Warrington office for help…big thanks to Simon Luff! Thanks to him I am now on the GNER route from Kings Cross to Leeds(yup they have wifi onboard)…and hopefully I’ll get a connection home to Manchester.

Phew. cheap air max 97

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  1. Simon is indeed residential life saver withing the Warrington office. I for one want to see him inovating Latitudes very own ‘tornado devistation route planner’. I am sure it will be just another everyday simple task for a Latitude employee. We thank you Simon for delivering Richard safely ‘home’!

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