I’m on Joost!!!

I finally managed to get a “token” to get me on to the BETA of Joost (formerly The Venice Project) and have just installed the software (only around 9Mb download).

There’s plenty of buzz already around the project so I won’t go into the intimate details of it here, but my initial thoughts are:

  • Good quality picture, although not the “TV quality” claimed
  • No “popular” channels on there yet but that is to be expected since it is early days.
  • The Search interface is already better than the sky EPG since you can search for a particular programme rather than scrolling through lists of channels.

I’ll post more when I’ve had a bit more of a play with it.

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  1. And how do you like Joost? It should be the new generation of tv. That’s wat everyone is waiting for. Online and always available.
    Please can you send me an invite? My adress is: Tjerkmolenaar@gmail.com

    Greetings and many thanks in advance!


  2. How is Joost so far? When you get some invites, can you send one my way? I appreciate it. I enjoy your blog site, it’s definitely a more informative one compared to some of the other ones I research.


    pwoodworth at gmail dot com

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