Google Revised Quality Score Fiasco

After a really busy week, that also included SES London, the last thing we needed was the botched launch of Google’s Quality Score updates. Within hours of the new system updates we were seeing major issues with the minimum bids on around 20% of our keywords. The same issues were being posted elsewhere on the blogosphere. With minimum bids on previously great keywords begin increased up to £5 it seemed clear that there was a bug.

Google engineers have been working on the issue and it seems to be looking better today (Saturday). Still…I wonder how much extra money Google made yesterday? pandora charms sale

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  1. on a separate subject – 24 – it it me or has LA now shrunk to the size of Warrington – and have the script writers using the Big Book of Cliches as there source material

    and Ricky Schroeder for god sake


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