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  1. Or John McClane does 24 with the bloke off the Apple Ads and a bigger budget.

    PS 24 is beginning to suck quite a lot these days

  2. 24 isbgeinning to suck?!?!?!? Did you see the 10pm11pm episode?!?!

    5 bad guys and 6 bullets, plus one piece of heavy chain…superb. Up their with the walk up the wall while breaking neck fight action from day two, recreated here by two office guys:

    (I can’t find a clip of the original)

  3. Yes I did see it – however – they suddenly realized that they had 9 episodes to go and had run out of bad guys so Audrey’s still alive and held by the Chinese.

    Also if Jacks been held in a prison for 2 years – where did his tan come from.

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