Closet Gamer?

The last time I had a games console was the original Sony Playstation which last got used in between late night bottle feeds of my first daughter. Holly is now 7 so you can see it’s been a while since I last got claouses on my thumbs from intense gaming.

Anyway, I finally buckled and bought the Xbox 360. Clearly it is in all in the interests of research and I’ll be signing into Xbox live to see just how those targeted in-game adverts look! officialshoeoutlets

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  1. Yeah..the security guard in the shop said that too!

    But to me:

    Microsoft = VHS
    Sony/Apple = Betamax

    i know have the challenge of setting up the wireless network at home to stream content from our PC onto the Xbox.

    As for 24 I’m waiting for the last 3.

  2. I’ve gone for a Wii myself, great for casual gaming with friends and family. Plus I didn’t have to remortgage to buy one!

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