What? You’ve come here expecting me to give a rave review of the finale to 24 Day 6?

No chance…what a naff ending to what had been one of the most action packed seasons! Are we supposed to believe that Jack is going to throw himself of a cliff when Kiefer is signed up for more seasons still?

Day 7 better be different 🙁 cheap nike air max 95 trainers

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  1. Season 6 of 24 wasrubbish

    Jacks dad dead – doubt it as he was right by a boat

    LA is now smaller than Warrington 5 minutes from the sea to senators house (at least he was still wet)

    Powers Booth – really a nice guy after all

    Chloe pregnant – poor kid

    Ricky Schroeder – blind – should have signed up for more shows

    And come on we know who Josh’s dad really is

    Poor Poor Poor we need a new 24 New Location and some better plot lines how often can the bad guys slip away only to be chased again

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