Ok, let’s be honest I haven’t written about search much recently.

Probably because I’ve been so damn busy, but there is a hell of a lot going on at the minute so it might help to just brain dump a few thoughts for further perusal later (all comments welcome). Here we go:

  • So Microsoft bought Aquantive (which owns Atlas) and Google bought Doubleclick (which has Dartsearch) – these are simply gong to be available for free at the latest by next year. Hard times if you have to sell bid management software.
  • Link buying gets you to the top of Google – FACT. the whole bloomin‘ system is simply bust and it’s Google’s fault for creating the “link economy” {kudos to the person that came up with that phrase…I wish it was me). Organic search has almost become an auction like paid search.
  • Google is getting greedy. It’s expanded broad match has the dial turned up beyond “tenuous” to “irrelevant” to generate more ads and their expanded emboldening rubbish is doing a similar thing.
  • The new ask.co.uk interface is ahead of it’s time and absolutely beautiful. Challenges on the paid search side come from fewer listings per page….but if it attracts the searchers, I’m happy. Also love the strapline “The other search engine”, poor Yahoo!
  • Click Fraud is still an issue. It just only rises to the surface when people have no other stories to cover. But hey…it should all get a lot better now that Google has gone transparent on the URLs for it’s content network…no more page2adssydicate URLs.

ahhh…. breath out and relax.

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