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I’d used the original Flock browser a few months ago, but it didn’t offer enough unique and useful functionality to make me switch from IE7.

However, Latitude’s Social Media Guru, Justin Hayward, introduced me to the new beta and this one looks like a keeper!

Some what’s special?

Well, for a start, they’ve subtly rebranded Flock as a “Social Browser”, and the new functionality is entirely biased towards social networking sites. Examples include:

  • Integrated blogging software (I’ve written this post with it!)
  • People Sidebar – this is great for pulling in people feeds from Facebook.
  • Media Bar – awesome for pulling in Flickr feeds
  • Feeds Sidebar – just like the one in IE7 but somehow a bit more intuitive.

The basic engine behind Flock is Firefox, so you can find lots of your favourite extensions for it and you’ll have few compatbility issues with the browser.

The only real issues I’ve discovered so far are:

  • The time taken to configure and personalise the browser. This is a more personalised browser so expect to have to spend 15-30 mins making the most of it.
  • I need a bigger screen! When you’ve got all the sidebars open, it looks great but the real estate for the main browser window is too small. See the screenshot below.

Blogged with Flock

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