Why Large Ad agecnies struggle with Search Marketing

This article almost looks like i could have written it, although clearly Gord does it better!

Search Insider » Blog Archive » Will Agencies Get Search? Don’t Hold Your Breath

It covers some of the major frustrations of a Search Marketing agency trying to leverage more budget from offline channels.

I believe this may be a larger issues in the US than the UK since Search Marketing has already begun to earn a “seat at the table” as far as budget allocation grows. Earlier in the year Latitude (my employer) produced  a white paper highlighting the gap between the UK and US seach markets and one of points referenced was the propoortion of advertising budget allocated to Search Engine Marketing. According to the IAB/PWCs annual bellwether reports, in 2006 around 1.8% of all advertising spend in the US went into Paid Search Marketing, while the equivalent figure for the UK was 6.6%.

I’ve yet to find suitable comparative figures for organic search but i think we already get the trend.

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