Yet another Richard Gregory?

A while ago I wrote about the “other” Richard Gregory at Google yet and how showed 288 other Richard Gregory’s on the electoral register.

More recently I appear to have been penalised by Google for a combination of duplicate content and the way UK2 re-directed my domain name to my blogger blog ( a bloomin’ 302 re-direct it turns out).

Anyway this blog comes to you courtesy of wordpress and 301 re-redirect, and eventually I plan to pull my finger out and install wordpress on my server. I just need a bit of free time.

Now that I’ve moved [blog] home I’m trying to get back to a page one results for my own name and it’s proving pretty tough.


Because another “Richard Gregory” appears to be a world renowned surgeon who has written and published heaps of research, most of which is now available online with links galore pointing to the guys website.

But hey, that’s actually a good thing for the guy but it isn’t helping me any.

For now I’ve leap-frogged the chap with a quick and cheap PPC ad at the top of the page – I love search!

…and yes this post is a blatant attempt to rank better for my own name!

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4 Replies to “Yet another Richard Gregory?

  1. I am looking for another Richard Gregory, my nephew, who owes me a lot of money!! I have the Police in York searching for him so hope it doesnt cause any other Richard Gregory’s any inconvenience. He used to work with Best Western in York and then HMV…..if you know him let me know!!

  2. I’ve nearly finished this site and just discovered that my domain name host uses a 302 re-direct – not that I had heard of it before.

    From my research I gather that this actually lowers one’s ranking as well as making proper bookmarking impossible.

    I’ve not found a way round it – but then I am v un-technical as far as the web is concerned as it is my first proper site – how did you do it?

    Cheers, Colin

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