Money Tree : Blair Witch meets the Wishing Well

I was recently on holiday in North Wales and popped across to Portmeirion, a village made famous by the 70’s cult TV shot, The Prisoner.

Anyway, while following the woddland path along the coast we came across a rather odd sight -lots of coins of all currencies stuck in a tree trunk. It reminded me of the film “The Blair Witch Project” but without the spooky sound effects.

A quick search Google for “money tree” yielded the customary Wikipedia listing but with little substance and no image. Llet’s see

if this post gets listed and helps other bemused discoverers in North Wales.

Or if i missing some obvious piece of Welsh folklore please let me know. cheap nike air max 90 mens

2 Replies to “Money Tree : Blair Witch meets the Wishing Well

  1. hi funny you say that i live in the lake district and i was out for a walk and i came across the same tree struck with coins so i guess its not just a welsh thing but i still dont know why people do it?

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