Photosynth. My new hobby.

Even since I first saw Photosynth demo’d at a Microsoft AdChamps event a couple of years ago now, I’ve been hooked.

So when the public beta finally launched back in August I was one o the first to sign-up…although clearly lots of people had similar thoughts since I rapidly struggled to get the beta working.

Since them the system has been upgraded to handle the scale and I’ve played around with a few “synths” to get the hang of it….and it’s not that easy.

One of the first things I noticed is that i had very photos of the same object. which actually make sense … do you really need 23 photos of the Eiffel Tower from different angles?

So, the best I could do was 3 photos of a small castle on Granada. No too shabby, but not that great either. What I needed was a good landmark to go photo crazy with.

A Family trip up nearby Holcombe Hill proved the perfect opportunity to capture photos (57 actually) of Peel Tower then upload them all into Photosynth

I was pretty impressed with the results and then read about Microsoft’s decision to integrate these synths into Live Maps. I tagged the location of the monument into and hew presto…nothing, the synth did not appear. It appears

Peel Tower in Photosynth

there must be some kind of delay (perhaps for editorial approval) before the synth appeared.

Anyway, I looked again tonight…and


it’s now live! See the evidence below. nike air max ladies

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