Truphone – turn you Ipod into an Iphone?

So I was just reading this article about Truphone,VOIP software for the Ipod Touch that enables users with a Wifi connection to make calls to other Truphone and Google Talk users, providing they have a headset with a Microphone.

So why is this so good?

  • Well it’s cheaper than owning an Iphone.
  • The ipod Touch has a slimmer form factor than the Iphone
  • Because it uses wifi it is effectively cheaper than a mobile network.

But there are a still a few barriers to adoption:

  • You need a wifi connection.
  • You need headphones with a microphone. After hunting around the Apple store I found these, but I can’t understand why Truphone wouldn’t link to these from their website?
  • Calls are limited to other Truphone and Google Talk users.

Surely this would have better adoption is Skype had released the software? cheap air max

One Reply to “Truphone – turn you Ipod into an Iphone?”

  1. i wander if the reason for not going skype is its bloaty in terms of bandwidth. I think its about 70Kbits whereas VOIP normally runs at around 24Kbit/s. voice codecs are down sub 10k.

    However, the potential is there to do something really clever and low bandwidth with voice on the ipod touch.

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