Is Google the only option for Twitter?

We’ve all experienced the fail-whale downtime on twitter and we must all be asking how long the service can last without some additional funding or serious monetisation – quickly.

Today’s article on Search Insider postulates about the likelihood of Google stepping into the current round of funding talks, and that makes some sense. But there is one issue – Google already bought the wrong player.

Back in Oct 2007, Google bought Jaiku and, looking back now, it’s clear backed the wrong horse. While Twitter has grown at phenomenal pace, Jaiku has languished in its wake. Is Google really going to eat humble pie and admit Jaiku was an error?


So,  who else should we expect to dig into their pockets to support Twitter?

Surely given the massive success of Twitter on mobile devices, specifically the iPhone, one of the mobile operators would see it as a massive value add service? Or perhaps a true media company should get involved? After all, it’s great entertainment watch Jonathan Ross introduce celebrity friends such as Russell Brand and David Walliams tentatively step into the twittersphere!

Postscript – 3rd April, 2009

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