Nexus One Docking Station – it’s, erm, minimalist

It’s arrived!

But there isn’t really a lot to say about it…it’s a small nicely formed, well balanced docking station.

When you put the phone on the docking station, well, it charges.

When you take the phone away from the docking station in stops charging.

Might as well have just plugged the power cable in.

Docking station next to bluetooth headset...yup, that's it.

So what’s so special about it?

Well, for some reason, rather than connecting to anything via the connectors on the docking station, the Nexus One activates Bluetooth when docked, allowing you to sync with other devices or a headset.

It has a socket and cable for connecting to  a speaker system.

The device basically turns into an alarm clock when docked, with the option of playing music or showing a picture slide show.

It seems to me that Google are really pitching this as a “lifestyle” phone and not a business phone. cheap air max

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