My 7 favourite Android Apps

AndroidNearly 7 months into owning my Nexus One, here are my 7 most highly recommended apps for the android handset.

  1. Swype – an alternative text input system that works by dragging your finger across a virtual keyboard rather than tapping it. You have to see it to believe how good it really is!
  2. Touchdown – one of the major failings of the nexus one was the lack of a decent eneterprise email software. Touchdwon is even better tht the Microfot mobile mail app.
  3. Foursquare – the future of geomarketing? I’m hooked, but are you?
  4. MyTracks – great Google Maps based app for tracking your running and cycling.
  5. Evernote – I’m always taking notes and this app allows you to quickly store text notes, voice memos or photos. Futhermore it syncs with the web and a desktop app so it’s always accessible.
  6. Fring – So Steve Jobs he thinks he invented video calling with Facetime? Well Fring was already doing it and what’s even better is that it allows you to make Skype video calls between PCs and mobile phones. Isn’t that a first?
  7. Layar – the Augmented Reality (AR) browser that overlays local data onto your phone’s camera viewfinder. Great software for showing off you lovely smartphone to mates in the pub.

Which apps do you think are essential for an Android phone? cheap air max 97

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