Games Publishers to move to subscription model for online gaming?

The likelihood that Activision will launch a premium subscription for online multiplayer soon makes no sense to me.

Given players on Xbox already commit to an online subscription through either Xbox live , surely additional charges will lose fans?

Surely it would make more sense to pursue an ad-funded model?

While in-game advertising would struggle find suitable advertisers for these games (Not many billboards are left standard in these games!), there is definitely the opportunity to deliver targeted ads on the lobby screen between games?

With a little tinkering , these ads could even become interactive without ruining gameplay. For example, send this ad/offer to a friend. Sign me up for the newsletter; send me the coupon.

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3 Replies to “Games Publishers to move to subscription model for online gaming?

  1. I wrote a little article about this as well: and I never thought of on game ad space during the lobby… I wonder how that would go over?

    Basically in my piece, I believe the questions is not “would you pay X$ for multiplayer for COD” but “What would make your X$ worthwhile.”

    I would happily pay extra if there was a dedicated enforcement team working Call of Duty rooms banhammering the cheaters and glitchers, racists and sexists.

    It *could* be a win-win for both the publisher and the gamer… if done properly.

    1. Good article.

      I don’t doubt that a premium service could provide valuable extras I merely question why gamers should pay when advertisers would be willing to fund this and be associated with the goodwill that generates.

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