Old computer game emulators – The Mystery of Arkham Manor

Look....it has some coloured keys and a tape machine!

Many, many, many, many years I ago I owned an Amstrad CPC 464.

This was probably the device that got me hooked on computers, even though the my skills only stretched to changing font sizes and creating multi-colour flashing backgrounds. Nevertheless, it was the games that got my attention. Oddly enough, it seemed easy to get immersed on some of the horrendously pixelated games, such as Manic Miner, Space Harrier and Emerald Isle.

Years have passed, and I’m now often to be found inhabiting xbox live with more sophisticated games, such as Call of Duty or Gears of War.

Nevertheless, even consoles like the Xbox and Wii are making a variety of “retro” games available on these high end machines.

Going one step further, I now find myself playing The Mystery of Arkham Manor, on CPCEmu, an emulator for the Amstrad 464.

Why? Because I never finished the damn game 25 years ago! cheap air max 90 mens

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  1. I used to have it for my Amstrad, I could never get very far with it. I think I read a solution for the Spectrum version and it woulnd’t work with the CPC version which lead me to think it might be bugged

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