The Future of Marketing at #Insight11

It was a pleasure to speak at the inaugural Insight Eleven session in Manchester on a wet Friday afternoon.

Despite the grim weather, great speakers, such as Paul Fabretti, Nicky Unsworth and Tony Foggett  managed to give us all a view of the key themes in Marketing for 2011

A look at the transcript, from the twitter conversation going on at the event, highlights that all areas of marketing are feeling the impact of local, social and mobile. Plus, as all these elements collude clients are demanding (quite rightly) more and more insight.

Paul was quicker of the mark than me with his blog post and you can find his presentation online here. And I’ve embedded mine below

Friday afternoon is actually a great slot for these kind of strategic events so hopefully we’ll see more soon!

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2 Replies to “The Future of Marketing at #Insight11

  1. Richard, I just attended a marketing conference on Monday in DC, #WhatsNextDC. It was insightful on marketing and social media. Looking at your presentation, I like that you show mobile search and location-based data. I never even heard of Binghoo, so thanks for that info! Marketing in this new decade is seriously changing and it looks like it is in favor of those that take time to “read” the market.


  2. Hi Nakeva

    Thanks for the comment. FYI – Binghoo is just the joke name for the Yahoo/Microsoft Search Alliance.


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