Lesbian Spider Queens from Mars, Goat spanking, Live Rapping and 129 Jäger Bombs – an alternative look at SAScon 2011

SAScon - Search, Analytics and Social MediaIt’s nearly a week since the SAScon event hit Manchester and the cream of the digital world congregated to discuss the key trends in search, analytics and social media, yet still the twitter feed is full of talk and round-ups of the event. This one from FluidCreativity is one of the most impressive.

So I have no intention of re-capping all the wondrous presentations, I wanted to highlight the softer side of the event, that made it such fun.

For a start, when else would you see a presentation on the growth of the industry that highlighted the passion in gaming with Lesbian Spider Queens from Mars , then moved onto the rise of Location Based Marketing, and Goat spanking in France??

It’s this light hearted view (possibly due to it’s northern heritage) on such a momentous industry that provides SAScon with it’s edge.

But it wasn’t all work, work, work; there was the legendary series of Jäger trains that got longer and longer as the evening went on (whose idea was it to have the social event in between the two days??) and jeopardised the start of Day 2 with The Hive looking like  ghost-town 10 minutes before the keynote was due to start.

And when the conference came to a close, did we let people simply file out the door, returning the feedback forms as they left? No chance. Gareth at Manual Link Building announced the winner of the iPad2, and Neil Walker Delivered the memorable SAScon (w)Rap up. Don’t believe me? Then watch it here!

Stll wanna know what material was covered at the conference? We’ll here are some (but not all)  of the round-ups out there:

Time for some photos….

Bas and DomKelvin and BarryBas, Andy and GaryThe Legendary Jaeger TrainKing @ Layar - Day 1 KeynoteASA Digital remit
HmmmCookies!All aboard the Jaeger Train!ASA extended digital remitASAHitwise
Mobile PPCDaveN and rishil

SAScon 2011, a group on Flickr.

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