Is the Kinect a serious platform for online marketers?

Kinect - Fastest Selling Consumer Device

Following a hugely successful launch (defined as the fastest selling consumer device) last November, The Kinect is already starting to be considered as a new marketing channel, before it’s even a year old.

I’ve mentioned before about advertisers such as Samsung and Flora experimenting with sponsorship on Kinect games, but Microsoft have now unveiled an entirely new and interactive ad platform – NUads

Details are still pretty light at this stage,  but the idea is to make advertising more interactive through the use of gestures and voice commands – any chance of a “skip this cr@p” ad command?

With 10 million units shipped by end of Q1 2011, the device is certainly on-track to become mainstream.

Furthermore, the Kinect might not be limited to the xBox console. The device connects with a standard USB adaptor and Microsoft has released and SDK for third party developers, so you might be able to plug it into you laptop , PC of blu-ray player.


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