Did Google just go into overdrive?

I’ve been locked away in a productive internal training session for most of the day so I’m only just catching up on a load of emails, posts and tweets.

What the hell happened with Google? They just launched three very interesting pieces of tech, and at least one of them could be revolutionary.

1. Yeah , everybody is talking about Google + and I just caught a piece on Sky News, labeling it as the Facebook challenger….and yes, I would like an invite, please!

2. With so few advertisers having mobile ready websites, Google Sites Mobile is the perfect solution – especially for SMEs

3. Finally, the Google Developers have rolled out an amazingly useful tool, called Swiffy, to convert flash files into the more apple-friendly HTML5

What are they putting in the water over there?

Amongst all this impressive news it’s almost possible to miss MySpace getting acquired by Specific Media.

Time to go and work out what this all means!
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