Empire Avenue adds Foursquare and Instagram to your connections

EAv connections by RichardStuartGregory
EAv connections, a photo by RichardStuartGregory on Flickr.

I recently suspended my Empire Avenue account for a couple of months, partly because I was going on holiday and also because the “game” had lost some of it’s novelty.

Anyway, I re-opened my account (big drop in share price) to be told that they now accepted foursquare checkins and Instagram posts as part of your Social Media activity.

Given I have an Android phone, the instagram option is redundant for me, but I’m a pretty active Foursquare user.

I’m still waiting for that light bulb moment that tells me how EAv will be a big marketing channel but in the interim it’s giving a nice gentle boost to my twitter followers and blog visits. pandora charms sale

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