Move over mobile, here comes Google TV

At Latitude we’ve been talking regularly about the stellar growth of mobile search and the opportunities it provides for advertisers. But it’s evident that Google is looking beyond the growth of mobile to the next big growth market – IPTV.

Firstly, there’s lots of talk about Google’s acquisition of Motorola being mainly about patents, but another perk of the deal is that Motorola Mobility is also leading player in the US set-top box market. Surely this will help get move devices into homes.

Secondly, Google has just unveiled a Google TV extension for the Android SDK. While not hugely relevant to current Google TV kit, combined with new tech from Motorola.

YouTube is already one of the most visited websites in the world so this is great content to share on the TV and, my fellow SAScon speaker, Paul Fabretti wrote a great post about YouTube, Google+ and the future of Social TV. Exciting hardware is the key thing missing to take this to the next level.

Will any of this work?

All the evidence is that Google TV is struggling. Chances are the tech is ahead of it’s time and needs a few more years before an appetite really exists with consumers.

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