4 great business & digital podcasts to fill your commute

I typically have at least a one hour drive to and from work each day, and there’s now way I’m listening to Chris Moyles for that long in a morning!

Like many other commuters I’ve refined a few regular podcasts to make the most out of that journey time…and I thought I’d share them. All of the ones below are currently available in the iTunes store

Freakonomics Radio – I loved the Freakonomics and SuperFreakonimics books, but only recently discovered the weekly, hour long podcast delivered by Stephen Dubner. It’s one the podcasts with the best production values and continues in the same vein as the best selling books. My favourite episode so far has been the Freakonomics Guide to Parenting.

Wired UK – being a typical gadget buy, and subscriber to the printed magazine, the Wired UK podcast is a fun, but low quality precis of the some of the articles covered in the magaizine and on the website

HBR ideacast – Coming from such a reputable establishment as Harvard Business School it’s surprising that some of the content on this 20 minute podcast so hit and miss. While there are some thought provoking discussions, there is also the occasional blatant plug for a new book.

The Bottom Line – I’m not the biggest fan of Evan David, but this regular show in Radio 4 features CEO’s of well-known businesses and gets their views on the big business topics, such as automation, innovation and delivering growth.

Any podcasts you’d recommend? I’ve got 10 hours a week to kill!!

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