4 reasons why I don’t own an ipad

I’m probably the target audience for the iPad:

  • I love my gadgets.
  • I’ve got  draw full of old smartphones in my draw at work, and I’m currently using the Google Nexus S.
  • I have two consoles in my house.
  • I have an internet enabled TV
  • I have a Kindle (yes the wi-fi AND 3G version)
  • I work in the online ad industry ( I gave up saying “new meeja” a while back)
…you get the drift?
Hello? No...it's crap.

But I don’t own an iPad, and so far it hasn’t excited the gadget lover in me.
Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a beautiful design and I’m sure there are things I’d use it for if I made the leap to buy one. Here’s 4 reasons why:

1. More of my life is connected to Google than Apple – Yes, I have an iPod Touch and use the iTunes store for my music, but, for most other things I’m using Google services; gmail, picasa, YouTube, calendar etc.
2. Price – I just think it’s too much more for something that does everything to an average standard but no one thing well. For example, my Kindle is the perfect book reader; the iPad would be good until I take it into daylight. Plus, I’m more excited by a £300 chromebook that has a keyboard.
3. No Flash – Not so much of a big deal for me, but when they first came out I took one of my daughters into the Apple store to have a look and the first site she went to on the iPad was Penguin World. It’s in flash; it didn’t load. Daughter said, “it’s rubbish.”
4. “The new one will be out soon.” – I know we don’t know when, but the fear of forking out hundreds of pounds for a device that will be out of date in a few months leaves me in a state of purchase paralysis.

To be fair, some of the reasons above mean I won’t buy a tablet at all, but with the New Kindle expected to be half the price of the iPad, and new Android tablets arriving on a monthly basis I might change my mind by Christmas 😉

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